PT EBARA Indonesia Obtains Sertifikat Laik Fungsi Certification for the company

April 13, 2023 PT EBARA Indonesia with The Public Works Department Depok, Municipal Government Depok, Fire and Rescue Services, Department of Housing and Settlements doing Certification “Sertifikat Laik Fungsi”.

Sertifikat Laik Fungsi is an official document that certifies a building or construction project has been inspected, tested, and evaluated as safe and compliant with local regulations. This certificate is crucial in ensuring the safety and compliance of a building and is required to obtain usage permits from the authorities.

The process of obtaining a Sertifikat Laik Fungsi involves several stages, including physical inspection of the building, testing and assessment of its suitability, and evaluation of related documents and permits. The certificate is issued by authorized agencies such as the Department of Public Works and Housing or the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency.

Obtaining a Sertifikat Laik Fungsi is not only a legal requirement, but it also provides peace of mind for building occupants and the wider community. By ensuring that buildings are safe and compliant with local regulations, we can prevent accidents and disasters that could otherwise put people’s lives at risk.

In conclusion, Sertifikat Laik Fungsi is an essential document for any building or construction project, and its importance cannot be overstated. Building owners and contractors should prioritize obtaining this certificate to ensure the safety and compliance of their buildings and to comply with all necessary regulations and standards.