Our Profile

PT. Ebara Indonesia, the first domestic manufacturer of water pumps in Indonesia was incorporated in 1980 in Jakarta,in the form of joint venture between PT. Donomulio Industry (Indonesia) and Ebara Corporation (Japan).

Since its establishment the Company has the reputation of providing customers with the most cost efficient solutions to manufacturing and engineering of machine and systems related to water, air and environment, indispensable elements for human being living on earth.

“We highly committed and professional to create high-quality products and services relating to water, air and the environment.”


Becoming the market leader in machineries and systems related to water and air by offering a wide range of quality products designed to meet customer expectation and satisfaction.

  • Continuous improvement in product manufacturing and services with a goal for our customer’s satisfaction
  • Increasing employee’s ability and skill to improve productivity, quality and on time delivery of products and services
  • Maintain and improve working conditions with the goal for a healthy, safe and secure environment
  • Provide superior services and effectively respond to customers including Ebara Sister companies
  • We aim to further develop our abilities and potential by taking pride in our daily works and always putting forth our best efforts on
    1. Customer Orientation
    2. Business Operation
    3. Technology & Production and
    4. Procurement

In order to execute our works with pride by knowing that we are in due compliances with laws and regulations, and that our stakeholders may have full confidence in our performance

Quality Policy, We are commited to:

  1. Improve the Quality of products and services to meet customer satisfaction and customer expectation.
  2. Increase Productivity to achieve he Company's target.
  3. Perform a business process to meet the interested parties wishes and expectations.
  4. Perform KAIZEN for production process and quality management system.

OHSE (Occupational, Health Safety, and Environmental) Policy, We are commited to:

  1. Work with principles of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment to make it an aspect of increasing productivity and work quality.
  2. Eliminate and reduce the dangers of HSE risks and prevent pollution and enviromentalpollution.
  3. Comply with law , HSE regulations, and other related regulations.
  4. Increase HSE awarness through socialization and training to all employees.
  5. Carry out continuous improvement of the HSE system.
  6. Carry out consultation activities and employee participation