“We contribute to society through high-quality technologies and services relating to water, air and the environment.”

Founded in 1912, EBARA CORPORATION has grown to become one of the world’s principal manufacturers of industrial machinery, based especially on its fluid machinery and systems business, with particularly strong positions in pumps and compressors as well as other related products. With its origins in the fluid machinery and systems business, the Company expanded into the environmental engineering business centered on water treatment, incinerator, and gasification technology. It then expanded into the precision machinery business, which produces semiconductor-manufacturing and other equipment.

The EBARA Group is constantly thinking of what will be required in the future and strives to accurately grasp the current and future needs of its customers, while it continues to pursue the development of superior technologies and products in all its businesses. In the years to come, as in the past, the EBARA Group will continue to achieve further development and contribute to society by excelling in the development of technologies, by manufacturing and marketing superior products and by providing high quality support and services.

EBARA Procurement Guidelines

In accordance with the Ebara Group Business Ethics Framework, we work to build stable relationships of trust with our suppliers as valued partners, and engage in fair and equitable transactions, in line with our procurement policy.
We request suppliers to follow our CSR procurement guidelines, as shown on this below link.


EBARA CSR Education Lesson

Message from President Asami


Bussiness Ethics Framework

EBARA’s business ethics framework is based on a corporate culture filled with passion, dedication, and a commitment to bettering society through our core competencies.

Over the 100 years of EBARA’s existence, we have strived to maintain the values established by our founding spirit that emphasizes conducting business in a fashion that fosters trust with all stakeholders.

We espouse a responsible approach to corporate citizenship that is in line with EBARA’s values and focuses on the positive impact of our global enterprise on the world. Our approach is structured in the following way, placing emphasis on each tier in a way that leverages the core competencies of our employees and company.

The top three elements in the ethics framework are collectively called the “EBARA Way”
These three elements are the unchanging ideals that set the EBARA Group apart. Regardless of business segment or where in the world you are doing business, the EBARA Group is committed to acting with passion and dedication in accordance with the Founding Spirit to fulfill our Corporate Philosophy while acting in line with our CSR policy.