Pelatihan Teknik Elektrik dan Elektronik oleh PT EBARA Indonesia

On March 27, 2024, several employees of PT EBARA Indonesia gathered to attend the Electric and Electrical Engineering Training. The event was organized with the aim of enhancing knowledge and skills in this field. The training material was delivered by Mr. Iwan Syaukani ST, an expert from PT Synergy Solusi Pratama.

This training became a significant moment for PT EBARA Indonesia employees to continuously develop themselves in the field of electric and electrical engineering. With the advancement of technology, a strong understanding of basic concepts and practical applications is crucial.

Mr. Iwan Syaukani ST, with his experience and expertise, delivered the training material clearly and informatively. He assisted the participants in understanding the basic principles as well as the latest technology in this field.


During the training sessions, the employees learned about various topics, ranging from the fundamentals of electricity to the latest technologies in electronics. They also had the opportunity to directly interact with the instructor, thus deepening their understanding of the material presented.

This event not only provided new knowledge but also strengthened the relationships among employees within the company. Collaboration and exchange of ideas among participants were crucial aspects of this training.

The Electric and Electrical Engineering Training by PT EBARA Indonesia demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously enhancing the competence and professionalism of its employees. With this training, it is hoped that the employees will be better prepared to meet the demands of the constantly evolving industry.