Outstanding Employee for Q1 2024 PT EBARA Indonesia

Outstanding Employee for Q1 2024 PT EBARA Indonesia

Employee of the Year Program at PT EBARA Indonesia

Employee of the Year program, an initiative designed to motivate employees by recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance. Through this program, the company aims to identify role models who can serve as examples for other employees.

To be considered for the Employee of the Year, employees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Zero Absence: The employee must have no record of absences during the evaluation period.
  2. Good Conduct: The employee must not have received any warnings, either verbal or written, during the evaluation period.
  3. Innovative Ideas (Kaizen): The employee must contribute innovative ideas that benefit the company.

The evaluation is conducted by a Steering Committee consisting of the General Manager (GM), Deputy General Manager (DGM), Human Resources (HR), and the President Director. Candidates for the Employee of the Year are nominated by their supervisors who are familiar with their performance and contributions.

PT EBARA Indonesia is proud to announce the Outstanding Employees for Q1 2024. The evaluation was based on exceptional dedication, innovation, and contributions of employees in improving the company’s workflow. On this occasion, three top employees have been awarded the title of Outstanding Employee for their Kaizen projects, which they developed and implemented. Here is a brief profile and the Kaizen projects they have delivered.

First Winner: Mr. Pepen

Position: Assistant Manager

Department: Machinery

Kaizen Title: Reducing the Processing Time of Bearing Cover Type GS

Mr. Pepen secured the first position with his innovation in reducing the processing time of bearing cover type GS. This project not only increased production efficiency but also significantly reduced operational costs. By implementing a more effective method, Mr. Pepen demonstrated an outstanding commitment to improving quality and productivity at PT EBARA Indonesia.

Second Winner: Rahmat Dermawan

Position: Staff 1

Department: QC (Quality Control)

Kaizen Title: JIG for Hydrostatic Test Suction 250 SZ and 350 SZ

Rahmat Dermawan achieved second place with his JIG innovation for hydrostatic testing of suction 250 SZ and 350 SZ. This project aimed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in the product quality testing process. With a more precise method, Rahmat successfully reduced potential errors and raised the quality standards of the products produced by PT EBARA Indonesia.

Third Winner: Jaenal Arifin

Position: Assistant Foreman

Department: Mechanical Maintenance

Kaizen Title: Replacement of Screw Unit to Optimize ShotBlast Grinding Machine Performance

Jaenal Arifin took the third position with his project on replacing the screw unit to optimize the performance of the ShotBlast Grinding machine. This innovation helped improve machine performance and durability, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Jaenal demonstrated analytical skills and effective solutions in maintaining the performance of production machines at PT EBARA Indonesia.

These three employees have shown that innovation and dedication are the keys to success in the industrial world. PT EBARA Indonesia congratulates Mr. Pepen, Rahmat Dermawan, and Jaenal Arifin on their achievements. May this accomplishment inspire all employees to continue innovating and contributing their best to the company.

We hope that with this award, the spirit of continuous improvement and performance enhancement will grow even more within PT EBARA Indonesia. Thank you to all employees who have participated and shown high dedication in their work.