EBARA Games 2023: Spirit of Independence, Spirit for Change

Not only the national celebration on August 17th, PT Ebara Indonesia commemorates the independence of the Republic of Indonesia through EBARA Games, an annual sports event. EBARA Games 2023 started in August and will continue until September, involving all PTEI employees.

EBARA Games 2023 has brought the spirit of independence that resides in the heart of every member of PT Ebara Indonesia. Through sports, they are not only competing but also fostering the spirit of unity, sportsmanship, and togetherness. A tangible proof that the spirit of independence can be expressed in various ways, including in sports competitions that nurture collective perseverance.

EBARA Games 2023 serves as a platform to showcase the sporting talents of employees and strengthen relationships beyond the workplace. Beyond that, it also reflects PT Ebara Indonesia’s commitment to employee well-being through meaningful and healthful activities.