Change Notice Regarding The Instruction Manual of Vertical Multistage Pumps Model EVMS (G,L)

Dear Our Valued Customer,


We, EBARA Indonesia would like to warn about a modification in the instruction manual of Vertical Multistage Pumps Models EVMS (G-L).
We have discovered a few cases, where an extremely high frequency of start and stop pose a reduction of the pumps lifetime.
While this kind of usage is not common, we would like to ask you to contact EBARA, in case number of starts and stops is more than 50,000 times per year.
In order to let our customers use pumps without any concern, we have revised instruction manual on this point. For detail, please refer to EVMS Operating and Maintenance Manual.

And for more detail information, please send your request or inquiry to and

Thank you for your kind attention.

SIncerely yours.

EBARA Indonesia