E-Lead Program Experience in Japan

We’re thrilled to share an exciting adventure with you – the incredible experience of Mr. Imam and Mr. Puandra in the Ebara Leader Program in Japan. This program is all about chasing the ambitious E-Vision 2030, and trust us, it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring!

Imagine the excitement that must be bubbling within Mr. Imam and Mr. Puandra as they embarked on this remarkable journey. It’s not just any ordinary trip; it’s a journey towards innovation, leadership, and the future! The Ebara Leader Program is designed to nurture leaders who will drive Ebara’s vision for 2030, and these two gentlemen must be on cloud nine.

But that’s not all! Our dynamic duo had the privilege of meeting colleagues from Ebara hailing from different corners of the world. Picture the cultural exchange, the sharing of diverse ideas, and the fostering of global connections. It’s an experience that must be leaving them utterly inspired and enlightened.

The E-Lead program in Japan isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about experiencing the beauty of collaboration, diversity, and innovation. It’s about embracing the global perspective while working towards a common goal.

Watch the full story on YouTube to find out about Mr. Imam and Mr. Puandra’s experiences during their time in Japan.