RTBF –  High-Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller

RTBF – High-Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller

High-Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller
  • Lower Operation Expense & CO2 Emission
  • Newly Developed High Efficiency Compressor
  • Very Compact Design Compare to The Previous Model
  • Using Low Pressure Refrigerant, HFC-245fa Cooling Capacity: 774 to 5274 kW {220 to 1500 USRt} COP:6.0 Six standard high-efficiency models with a cooling capacity of 220 to 1500 USRT are available.
  • Lineup of high-efficiency models, all with a COP of 6.0 or more: With a high-performance compressor, this chiller is highly cost-efficient and very compact. It contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Cooling System