EBARA End Suction Volute Monoblock Pump



Energy-saving design
World top class pump efficiency achieved.
Major improvement over our previous models by impeller designed using our proprietary
3D inverse design technology.

Higher efficiency means lower energy consumption and motor output, and more compact

Easy installation and simple maintenance
Alignment is not required with close coupled design.
Back pull-out structure enables disassembly and inspection without removal of suction
and discharge piping.

Shield bearings eliminate need for adding or exchanging lubricating oil. (Up to 45kW)
Shaft seal flushing piping not required for the standard application.
Air-bleeding not required.
Simplified shaft seal and “O” ring body seal enable easy assembly.
Pump specifications
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar
Liquid temperature range expansion: -10to 120
Compatible with multiple flange standards.
International standards
Pump dimensions adopt EN733
Mechanical seal adopts EN12756
Protector fitted in accordance with EN294.
Electric motor conforms to IEC60072-1 and IEC60034-1

Air conditioning-district heating & cooling
General water supply
Brine (antifreeze liquid)
Hot water circulation
High boost pressure
Water supply duties for municipalities
Drainage clean water
Fire protection
Swimming pool