Stainless Steel Canned Motor Pump



  • Easy maintenance

A non-shaft seal and non-lubricant system simplifies maintenance and reduces the number of maintenance personnel.

  • Electrical bearing wear sensor installed as standard equipment

An electrical bearing wear sensor is installed as the operation monitor to detect bearing wear in both directions of radial thrust.

  • Detection of reverse rotation

Safety is maintained since the warning lamp lights up whenever reverse rotation is detected.

  • Stainless steel motor

In addition to wetted parts, the motor frame is constructed of stainless steel (SUS304) as well, to facilitate installation in corrosive environments.

  • Compact size for easy installation
  • The pump and motor are designed as a single, compact unit which requires little space, is light weight, and does not require alignment, all of which make for easy installation.
  • Low noise

Noise levels have been decreased due to no motor-cooling fan and no anti-friction bearings.

  • Dry operation prevention relay

A relay that prevents problems arising from dry operation is available as optional accessory.

Having no shaft seal, the SEAL-X is suitable as a vacuum line, as well as for handling harmful liquids, dangerous liquids, expensive liquids, crystallized/dissolved liquids, high-temperature liquids and low-temperature liquids. There is no danger of pollution to the environment or loss of liquid due to leakage.