Open Circuit Cross Flow Square Type Cooling Tower

SNC-U Series

Capacity: 100?3000m3/h


  • Energy saving, space saving compactness and Light weight "SNC-U" model is designed to install in small space.

Compare with other model, SNC model is the best one for space limited installation. New development such as high efficiency fill type eliminator combined and cone shaped fan casing are incorporated. Combination of super low noise fan type AVS reduction in installation space and volume as well as dry & wet weight 20% in average compared with our old models.

  • Built-in piping arrangement

"U" series cooling towers are supplied with built-in piping arrangements as standard. The result is cost and space saving in the installation works.

  • Easier maintenance

A new speed reducer SRS with wedge belt is compact and easy for maintenance. Also FRP lower water basin is sloped for easy cleaning.