Two-stage Compression Centrifugal Chiller

RTGC Series

Using Eco-friendly Refrigerant, HFC-134a Cooling Capacity: 1934 to 5627kW{550 to 1600 USRt} COP: 6.0 at AHRI Condition Sixteen standard models with a cooling capacity of 550 to 1600 USRt are available.


  • A value-priced centrifugal chiller

Origin China. Manufactured by Yantai Ebara Air-conditioning Equipment Co.,Ltd. under license from Ebara Refrigeration & Systems Co.,Ltd.

  • Adopting economizer cycle

Model RTGC chiller adopts economizer cycle for high efficiency and?energy?saving

  • Applying ball bearing

Efficiency is increased by applying ball bearing which is minimized mechanical loss

  • Refrigerant cooling for Motor

Motor is cooled directly by refrigerant liquid. Motor is designed compact and operated quiet.