After Sales Service

PT. Ebara Indonesia is committed in conducting the business base on good ethic, responsibility, professionalism and integrity. Our goal is not merely on producing, good quality products, but we also focusing in maintaining the availability of our genuine spare parts our customers. Through integrated and excellent quality control system, we can provide full guarantee for our products and services.

After Sales Service

Our Workshop located in Cimanggis is equipped and supported by manufacturing facilities, high standard machine tools therefore provide a comprehensive range service and maintenance for pump, chiller and cooling tower, which are conducted both in house and on-site.

Our workshop are staffed with highly trained personnel with many years of experience in service with commitment to service excellence.

An overhaul in Ebara workshop will cut back overhaul times and gives guaranteed quality, reducing the risk of breakdown during operation.


Manufacturing Machine and Equipment

Machine and Equipment Capacity
CNC Milling Horizontal Machine X:4 00mm, Y: 700mm, Z: 750 mm (Max)
Vertical Milling Machine 1280 x 750 x 500 mm (Max)
Milling Drilling Machine Ø 130 mm (Max)
CNC Lathe Machine X: 415mm , Z:380 mm (Max)
Vertical Lathe Machine Ø 700~1200 x700 mm (Max)
Lathe Gradual Machine Ø 500~800 x 800~3000 mm (Max)
Universal Grinding Machine  


Special Tools such as:


Our workshops provide repair, Overhaul, and Service on:

Pump Chiller
- End Suction Volute Pump
- Horizontal Split Casing Pump
- Submersible Pump
- Hydro Booster Pump
- Vertical and Horizontal Multi Stage Pump
- Self-Priming Pump
- Centrifugal Chiller
- Double Effect Absorption Chiller
- Screw Modular Chiller
Cooling Tower Spare Part and Component
- Cross Flow Square Type
- Counter Flow Type
- Closed Circuit Type


Please don't hesitate to contact our Sales and Marketing Department for any technical issue:


: +6221 874 0852-53


: +6221 874 0033